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ANOTHER REASON TO NEVER GET MARRIED: The Truth About Wedding Night Sex? Nobody Has It Anymore!

From Huffington Post:

No matter what religion you were raised with (or without!), society tells us that the consummation of marriage right after a couple’s Big Day will set off fireworks bigger than any Macy’s Fourth of July Spectacular.

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JOHN C. DVORAK: The Death of Terrestrial Broadcasting Is Nigh

From PC Magazine‘s John C. Dvorak:

Don’t hang up your over-the-air receivers yet, but the time is quickly coming when Internet will be the only way to get audio and video—and the big broadcasters know it.

NOTE: look for …

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Why Your Grandparents Are Divorcing And Why You Might Need To Worry About It

Nearly 1 in 4 people who is experiencing divorce in the U.S. is over 50. Almost 1 in 10 is older than 64. People over the age of 50 are twice as likely to divorce as their forebears were as …

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Infamous 78-cent wage gap between women and men is a myth

Women make 78 cents for every dollar made by men. But the wage gap isn’t nearly that simple.

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8 Things Rich People Worry About

You might think that people with a lot of money would be immune from the everyday worries that gnaw at regular, middle class people. And to some extent you would be right. But they worry more than you think – …

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10 stupidest money mistakes

To help you get in control of your finances – and reduce your stress level – here are 10 stupid but completely avoidable mistakes you should avoid.

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The bigger the ring, the bigger the wedding, the shorter the marriage

The association between wedding spending and marriage duration using data from a survey of over 3,000 ever-married persons in the United States. Controlling for a number of demographic and relationship characteristics, evidence that marriage duration is inversely associated with spending …

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VICE Sports: The NFL’s “Pink October” Does NOT Raise Money For Cancer Research

From VICE Sports:

The month-long campaign that paints everything from player’s shoes to fields to penalty flags pink, doesn’t actually result in a single dollar donated to breast cancer research. Yup, not a penny.

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The Momentum burger-bot isn’t remotely humanoid. You can forget visions of Futurama’s Bender. It’s more of a burger assembly line. Ingredients are stored in automated containers along the line. Instead of pre-prepared veggies, cheese, and ground beef—the bot chars, slices, …

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Edgar Gonzalez, 22, of Hyde Park is a dad to 5-month-old Vivian. He’s a part-time community college student and a full-time employee at McDonald’s, making minimum wage. He says it’s a struggle every night to put food on the table.…

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