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HERE IS WHY WE NEED TO DISAPPROVE ALL CABLE AND SATELLITE MERGERS: Comcast tortures customer who tries to cancel

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Millennials say no to marriage

When it comes to marriage, Millennials are saying “I don’t.”

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Can You Really Afford a New Child?

Many Parents Fail to Plan Fully for the Financial Impact of a Newborn Read more… Thanks to listener Jayson Weingarten.

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FROM LARRY GIFFORD’S MEDIA BLOG: Tom Leykis has advice for people who will inevitably be fired: Prepare for the Pink Slip!

If you have a job in radio right now, Tom Leykis has a message for you. “I’m sure in 1947 the ice-man didn’t see Frigidaire coming and thought the idea of a machine that would cool items would be ridiculous. Sure enough, nobody shed a tear when the icebox went away. Where did the poor […]

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Various looks at the end of the same perfect day


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TMZ: Casey Kasem’s Body Missing

From TMZ: As for where the body is … no one but Jean (Kasem) seems to know, and no one can find her either.  It’s interesting … Jean listed Jerusalem as her address on Casey’s death certificate. Read more…

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ANOTHER HAPPILY MARRIED COUPLE: Driver used rope to kill himself

A depressed businessman going through a divorce decapitated himself by tying a rope to a tree and driving away in his open-top car. Read more…

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My conversation about radio and internet radio with radio consultant Larry Gifford

Read Larry’s blog here.  

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Husband Sends Wife Spreadsheet Detailing Sex-Life Dissatisfaction

This appeared on Reddit: TL;DR – My husband [M26] sent a rude, argumentative email as I [F26] was on the way to the airport for a 10-day work trip. It’s been 24hrs and he has responded to any of my texts or calls. My husband [M26] and I [F26] have been together for 5 years, […]

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Woman Convicted Of Shooting Lover “Because He Wasn’t Producing Enough Ejaculate” Granted Bond

Prosecutors are fighting the release of a 58-year-old woman admitted she shot her lover over his performance in bed. Read more…  Thanks to listener James Hatem.

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