We’re asking YOU! What events or auctions would you like us to put on in 2014 to help us get to #OneDollarProfit?

We’re beginning to make progress towards our goal of #OneDollarProfit for 2014 in which we’re going to show Wall Street and the radio industry that a small group of guys in an old laundromat in Burbank can beat the big …

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New Jersey man can’t sue Applebee’s for burns suffered while bowing his head in prayer over fajitas, appeals court says

  • The ruling said Hiram Jimenez cannot seek damages for burns he suffered while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling steak fajita skillet
  • Jimenez claimed a waitress didn’t warn him the dish was hot
  • The lower court found that
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IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY RENT, YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING CHILDREN, RIGHT? Single Mom Pays $1,000 A Month To Live In Converted Garage

A young single mother is raising her 18-month-old child in a converted single-car garage — a snapshot of the extreme, sky-high rental rates in the Northern California Bay Area…and she’s pregnant with her second crumb-cruncher!

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Larry King Radio Show Prank Calls

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1 in 3 Americans on verge of financial ruin

37% of Americans have credit card debt that equals or exceeds their emergency savings.

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OC Time Warner Customer Gets Year of Free Cable and Internet for Letter Calling Her “Cunt”


The letter on Time Warner Cable (TWC) letterhead begins, “Dear Cunt Martinez: We know you recently decided to cancel your services.”

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MUST SEE VIDEO: Ohio Fox TV anchor comments to black co-anchor on Lady Gaga’s “jigaboo music”

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WHY IS THIS? AND WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT IT? Number of Latino doctors isn’t keeping pace with population, study says

In 1980, there were 135 Latino doctors for every 100,000 Latinos in the U.S. By 2010, that number had fallen to 105. The ratio of non-Hispanic white doctors to non-Hispanic white patients, in the meantime, increased from 211 to 315 …

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Thanks to listener Brad McShane.

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Saving an Extra 1% of Pay Adds Up to Big Dollars

When it comes to saving for retirement, what difference can another 1% of your pay make?


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MUST SEE VIDEO! See the Maury show in a TV commercial!

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