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I’m Sorry, But You’re Just Not The Man I Hoped You Would Become When We Got Married

When you and I recited our wedding vows nearly 12 years ago, we pledged to remain together for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. But if I’m being honest with myself, I have

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Nearly half of women in relationships have ‘Plan B’ man they can run away with

A study found many keep another man waiting patiently in the wings should they end up single – and married women are even more likely to.

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More Americans forgo marriage as economic difficulties hit home

As long-term financial security becomes a pipe dream for more Americans, a growing share is giving up on marriage.

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Thanks to listener Jim Woods.

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A man’s ideal woman? She’s in her mid-20s…whatever his age

  • A study has found that men always want to be with women in their mid-20s
  • The magic number for men of all ages was around 24 or 25-years-old
  • Evolution and Human Behavior journal found women were more realistic
  • They prefer
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YOU TELL US! It’s 2014: Why Are Men Still Paying for First Dates?

“As social roles start to change, people often embrace the changes that make their lives easier, but resist the changes that make their lives more difficult,” David Frederick, a professor of psychology at Chapman University, told The Huffington Post last

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To dismiss the idea of raising a child, or raising him now as opposed to ten years in the future, because you haven’t yet traveled the world or written that magnum opus slightly misses the point of it all. When

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A California man was arrested after police said he killed his ex-girlfriend’s dog, cooked it, then fed it to her without her knowing.

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Thanks to listener Gus Lua.

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OUR LISTENERS ARE EVERYWHERE: Guy On Tinder Uses Bank Statement As Profile Photo

We love you, Brandon!bank balance

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AND WHAT IS YOUR HUSBAND’S NAME AGAIN, SWEETIE? Why Women Need To Start Asking Men Out…Because Men Have No Balls

Our prediction for this gal’s future? Plenty of cats, knitting, and talking to herself!

Ladies, it’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

There’s no door-holding, no hand-holding and definitely

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Men Say Women ‘Not As Hot’ After Age 21

A new book based on relationship data reveals much about the way people interact and view each other, but one graphic from the book’s first chapter is generating all the buzz. Here’s how the author describes the salient piece of …

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