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10 Million Men Active On Ashley Madison: Why That Is A Great Wake-Up Call For Women

There are 61.2 million married men in the United States (Census: 318.9 million people minus the 23.3% under age 18 = 244.6 million adults. About half of U.S. adults are men, and 50.5 of U.S. adults are married, according to …

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Recent court ruling in California gives unmarried couples a big tax break.

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HERE’S WHAT THE LITTLE LADIES SAY BEHIND YOUR BACK: ‘I’m too old to find The One and I want a baby’: Anonymous women confess on secrets app why they SETTLED for their current partner rather than chase true love

  • Anonymous users of the secret sharing app Whisper revealed why they have ‘settled’ in their relationships
  • Many expressed a fear of being alone or were rejected by their true love
  • Others cited more practical reasons such as starting a family
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Fatherhood before 25 raises risk of early death

The stress of being a young father raises the chance of dying early, research shows.

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Thanks to listener David Ritter.

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Here Are The Documents Bill Cosby Didn’t Want You To Read

One new piece of information from the records: Cosby said at one point he had seven prescriptions for Quaaludes and thought about using them on young women.

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molly malones

BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT IN THEM: Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis

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OG Brandon

A MESSAGE FROM TOM LEYKIS: What Father’s Day means to childless, fatherless me

My father died 20 years ago and, by design, I never had kids, so you would think that Father’s Day would be irrelevant to me. But it’s not. In fact, Father’s Day is now the most rewarding holiday on my …

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To minimize risk of infidelity, make sure you earn as much as your spouse

Husbands and wives are more likely to cheat if they depend on spouse for money. So make sure to NOT give anyone any money!

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THIS HAS AN EASY SOLUTION: Women Are Still Shouldering The Majority Of The Stress Of Having A Child

The solution is, sweetie, if you can’t handle the stress of having kids, then don’t have any fucking kids. Demanding that men pay you for your time is not a good idea. All you’re doing is giving men more …

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4 reasons humans are so bad at sexual monogamy

20-60 percent of married people cheat. So what gives?

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