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PROOF: Less and less young people are buying homes

homeownership rate

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ANOTHER REASON TO AVOID RELATIONSHIPS OR MARRIAGE: Fatkini trend “inspiring and empowering curvy women everywhere”

From The London Daily Mirror:

Sick of being fat-shamed and made to hide behind hideous “fat-shions”, a fast-growing number of plus-size women around the world have bravely outed their big and beautiful bodies by shedding their beach cover-ups and

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Is Everybody Single? More Than Half the U.S. Now, Up From 37% in ’76

Single Americans make up more than half of the adult population for the first time since the government began compiling such statistics in 1976.

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Keep maxing your mobile data limit? Facebook’s autoplay videos could be to blame for higher phone bills, website claims

  • The autoplay video function appears to only work via the mobile app
  • MoneySavingExpert says people are reaching data limits due to service
  • Settings can be changed so that service is off or only works with Wi-Fi
  • If you’ve been hit
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MILLENNIALS FOLLOW MONEY MONDAY MANTRA: Sean Could Buy a Condo, But He’d Rather Live in a Mansion With 9 Roommates

“I think a lot of millennials that came through the economic downturn basically saw people invest heavily into houses, and then in a matter of months it just evaporated. I think that scared a lot of people. A lot of

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The Buy Nothing Year: How Two Roommates Saved More Than $55,000

They spent the first three months (August through October) phasing out all consumer items, such as household objects, electronics and clothes. Then, they cut out all services, including dining out, salon haircuts, and gas and instead began hosting lots of

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Why won’t CNBC tell us how much they profited from running infomercials of convicted fraudster Kevin Trudeau?

Congrats to CNBC for being on top of the Kevin Trudeau pyramid scheme story.

Only one thing CNBC left out of their report: Kevin Trudeau infomercials have run thousands of times in the off-hours on CNBC in recent years, potentially …

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Why it’s so difficult to raise kids — and save for retirement

Studies show that the vast majority of consumers fail to do any financial planning when they are young, largely because they don’t feel like they have sufficient money for such planning to make a real difference.

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Retirement crisis: Over one-third of Americans haven’t saved a penny

More than a third of Americans haven’t saved any money for retirement. That’s the dramatic finding of a new survey which also found that among those nearing retirement — aged 50-64 —  26% had no retirement savings, along with 14% …

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IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? $245,340: Cost of raising a child born in 2013

New parents beware: Your little angel is going to cost you a bundle.

A middle-income family with a child born in 2013 can expect to spend about $245,340 for food, shelter and other expenses up to age 18, an increase …

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