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It's Time

IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL…FOR 30% OF US! Time Warner Cable’s Latest Comments on Dodgers’ TV Blackout

Thanks to Howard Cole for the shoutout in this Forbes piece!

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Tesla Model S: The Future Is Here

The Wall Street Journal‘s Dan Neil says that the all-electric Tesla Model S sedan is “brilliant, beautiful, as user-friendly as a smartphone, fast as hell, quieter than C-Span, American made and years ahead of its luxury-sedan competition.”

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College Freshmen Feel Ill-Equipped to Manage Their Money

Only 58% of students surveyed said they felt prepared to manage their money, while 73% felt ready to keep up with coursework and 63% were confident about managing their time.

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THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DEMAND $15/HOUR: McDonald’s self-ordering kiosk gets high marks

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SAVE MONEY AND LOSE WEIGHT: Make Your Own Amazing Low-Carb Chocolate Ice Cream


3 Cups heavy cream

3/4 cup half-and-half

2 large eggs

2 large egg yolks (in addition)

3/4 Cup unsweetened cocoa powder

3/4 Cup granular sugar substitute (Splenda)

1/4 Teaspoon salt

2 Teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 Teaspoon almond extract


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WOULD YOU BUY IT? Price Range for Apple Watch: $349 to Over $10,000

The basics of the Apple Watch have been known since September, but now, a few weeks before the watch’s arrival in stores, Apple has finally revealed how much it will cost.

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DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE Scholarships For Atheists, Secular Humanists, And Freethinkers?

The values you believe in, or do not believe in, may not be the first thing you turn to when thinking of your qualifications for college funding, but think again. If you define yourself as an atheist, secular humanist, or …

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IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY RENT, YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING CHILDREN, RIGHT? Single Mom Pays $1,000 A Month To Live In Converted Garage

A young single mother is raising her 18-month-old child in a converted single-car garage — a snapshot of the extreme, sky-high rental rates in the Northern California Bay Area…and she’s pregnant with her second crumb-cruncher!

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1 in 3 Americans on verge of financial ruin

37% of Americans have credit card debt that equals or exceeds their emergency savings.

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Saving an Extra 1% of Pay Adds Up to Big Dollars

When it comes to saving for retirement, what difference can another 1% of your pay make?


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