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Renting drives U.S. homeownership to 19-year low

Homeownership in the United States hit a 19-year low in the second quarter as tight finances continued to drive Americans toward renting, one of the lasting legacies of the recession. Read more…

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WHAT DID WE TELL YOU? Students Demand Answers as Bryman College Files for Bankruptcy, Closes Campuses

Bryman College students were demanding answers Monday after learning their school closed all of its campuses since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy days earlier. Bryman College Dean Christopher Finn said in a letter the college shuttered its 11 campuses and all employees lost their jobs. Read more…

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32 Amazing Websites That Will Actually Save You Money

From our own Mike Timpson! Read more…

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WE ALL KNOW WHY: I’ve worked at McDonald’s for 10 years and still make $7.35 an hour

As fast-food workers, we prepare burgers and fries, not balance sheets. We struggle to survive from paycheck to paycheck, without million-dollar annual bonuses or second homes. We often work behind the scenes—or counters, getting little of the credit for billions of dollars in company profits. Read more…

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9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks

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Dreams Have No Age Limit: Famous People Who Started Late

Imagine reaching a point in your life where you looked back over the years and deeply regretted not having done something you wholeheartedly wanted to do. Now imagine the reasons. Did you not pursue your dream goal because you put yourself second or third to everything and everyone else in your life? Or maybe it […]

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10 Reasons Why You Will Never Become Rich

According to some experts, there are millions of ‘clueless potential millionaires’ who could be at the top of the wealth ladder if they only reined in a few bad habits. Read more…

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The Worst Investment You Can Make: Buying a Home

Perhaps the most quintessential of American dreams is the dream of home ownership. We are taught, generation after generation, to work hard, save up and put down roots by buying a house.  And just like those armchair ballplayers, when we buy into that dream, we’re deluding ourselves. Read more…

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Millennials say no to marriage

When it comes to marriage, Millennials are saying “I don’t.”

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Can You Really Afford a New Child?

Many Parents Fail to Plan Fully for the Financial Impact of a Newborn Read more… Thanks to listener Jayson Weingarten.

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