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Spanish village called “Castrillo Kill the Jews” votes on name change

After living with the name for more than 500 years, the village of Castrillo Matajudíos (Castrillo Kill the Jews) looks set for a change.

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NYPD Social Media Campaign Backfires

This afternoon, whoever runs social media for the New York Police Department asked people to tweet out photos of themselves with police officers.

Maybe you can guess what happened next.

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Man may be 1st to father child with reconstructed penis

Mike Moore spent most of his life feeling different, after a botched circumcision at age 7 resulted in an infection and forced doctors to amputate almost the entire organ.

But now, at 30, he is reveling in the joy of

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KEEP A GOOD THING GOING! Women Prisoners Sterilized to Cut Welfare Costs in California


In California of all places, prison doctors have sterilized over 150 women. Why? They don’t want to have to provide welfare funding for any children they may have in the future.

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Atheist sues over Noo Joisey license plate refusal

Shannon Morgan identifies as an atheist and wants the world, or at least the car behind her, to know it. But the state of New Jersey says no.

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‘It could have been worse – she could have been doing drugs’: Father of new mother, 12, says he is proud after she and boyfriend, 13, become Britain’s youngest parents

  • Mother met boyfriend a year ago and was 11 when baby was conceived
  • Pair from London have combined age of 25 and ‘intend to stick together’
  • Girl’s ‘father’ admits: ‘It is heartbreaking, but you can’t turn back time’
  • Says there
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YOUR NAME IS YOUR DESTINY: meet attempted abduction suspect Robert Ransom

Police are investigating possible links between the attempted abduction of a teenage girl doused with flammable liquid and two deadly attacks in L.A. County.
LAPD Commander Andrew Smith identified 30-year-old Robert Ransom as a suspect in the latest case, and …

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YOUR NAME IS YOUR DESTINY: Man Named Edward Cocaine Arrested On Drug Charge

After years on a South Florida bond court bench, Judge John “Jay” Hurley thought he had seen it all — but even his jaw dropped Wednesday when reading the name of a man appearing on drug possession charges.

“Edward Cocaine,” …

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Escape from Cuba: Yasiel Puig’s Untold Journey to the Dodgers (English/español)

From Los Angeles Magazine:

“I don’t know if you could call it a kidnapping, because we had gone there voluntarily, but we also weren’t free to leave,” said boxer, Yunior Despaigne, who had known Yasiel Puig from Cuba’s youth sports

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NSFW! US Airways: doing ANYTHING to satisfy the customer!

US Airways has apologized after a pornographic image was mistakenly sent out from its Twitter account.


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