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How did someone who seems THIS incompetent get on TV in LA?

Is KCAL trying to shore up their minority employment numbers? Why else would this person be on the air in a major TV market? Looks like fun tuning in on Sunday nights at 10:30 to see how many mistakes she’ll …

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HAVE YOU CUT THE CORD YET? Cord cutting accelerates as 150,000 cancel cable and satellite TV service

Cord cutting is accelerating as more people in the U.S. turn to Internet services such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to watch their favorite programs.

About 150,000 pay-TV customers canceled video service in the three months that ended June 30, …

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Why Prenups Aren’t Just for Financial Issues

While some might tell you that prenups are only for the rich and famous, it’s actually important for you to do this even if you have no money! For instance, if you have a child from a prior marriage, you …

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The 7 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s keeps its business partners out of the spotlight; both sides have incentives for keeping mum about re-branded products. But if you try things around the store, you’ll probably find a few that, um… strongly remind you of big-name …

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THE DEBATE RAGES ON: Why the blazingly fast new Galaxy Note 4 is simply light years ahead of Apple’s iPhone

From the London Daily Mail:

Sadly for Apple, the school bully, Samsung, has swaggered up and walked off with its lunch money without even making an effort.

Next to the Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus looks like a

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WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS FOR FIVE YEARS: Internet car radio poses bigger threat for local AM-FM

The car dashboard is being transformed and it’s taking AM-FM radio with it.

Just as it did newspapers and broadcast television, the Internet revolution is roiling the local broadcast landscape that has long held a monopoly on the car radio.…

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BLAST FROM THE PAST (2001): Journalists are not shock jocks, Tom

There’s an extra-hot room in hell reserved for Tom Leykis.

It’s the perfect place for a guy who makes his worldly living by spewing out drivel with the appeal of fresh excrement.

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1949 TV commercial: “What cigarette do YOU smoke, Doctor?”

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WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS? McDonald’s and Coca Cola see profits fall sharply

Two US food and drink titans have posted sharply lower profits for the July-to-September quarter.

McDonald’s saw earnings fall 30%, while Coca-Cola’s fell 14%, with both citing lower US sales as key reasons.

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5 things NOT to buy at Costco and Sam’s Club

Experts say, you may want to avoid —€” or at the very least do a thorough price comparison on the warehouse club vs. other area stores —€” on some of the items sold at warehouse clubs. Here are five.


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