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Flabby, stretch-marked mother of three shows why men shouldn’t be with moms, single or otherwise

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One-time maker of Adam Carolla’s “Mangria” murders investor, then kills self

Robert Dahl had been involved in multiple business projects, including the now-defunct Patio Wine Co., which at one point was the producer of a sangria for celebrity Adam Carolla.

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SAVE MONEY AND LOSE WEIGHT: Make Your Own Amazing Low-Carb Chocolate Ice Cream


3 Cups heavy cream

3/4 cup half-and-half

2 large eggs

2 large egg yolks (in addition)

3/4 Cup unsweetened cocoa powder

3/4 Cup granular sugar substitute (Splenda)

1/4 Teaspoon salt

2 Teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 Teaspoon almond extract


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WOULD YOU BUY IT? Price Range for Apple Watch: $349 to Over $10,000

The basics of the Apple Watch have been known since September, but now, a few weeks before the watch’s arrival in stores, Apple has finally revealed how much it will cost.

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DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE Scholarships For Atheists, Secular Humanists, And Freethinkers?

The values you believe in, or do not believe in, may not be the first thing you turn to when thinking of your qualifications for college funding, but think again. If you define yourself as an atheist, secular humanist, or …

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ISN’T THIS GOOD NEWS? Bachelor Nation: 70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married

From Christian website cnsnews.com:

Seventy percent of American males between the ages of 20 and 34 are not married, and many live in a state of “perpetual adolescence” with ominous consequences for the nation’s future…

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PLEASE DON’T COME TO CALIFORNIA: Fed up with winter, some diehard New Yorkers are leaving the city once and for all

Battered by a seemingly endless winter, many formerly diehard Noo Yawkaz are making the life-altering decision to quit the city for more sympathetic climes.

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Tom Leykis has a solution to the Dodgers’ TV impasse

It’s season 2 of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ inability to find a single satellite provider or cable system other than Time Warner Cable to carry their games on TV.

Until the Dodgers find some face-saving way out of this debacle, …

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New Jersey man can’t sue Applebee’s for burns suffered while bowing his head in prayer over fajitas, appeals court says

  • The ruling said Hiram Jimenez cannot seek damages for burns he suffered while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling steak fajita skillet
  • Jimenez claimed a waitress didn’t warn him the dish was hot
  • The lower court found that
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IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY RENT, YOU SHOULDN’T BE HAVING CHILDREN, RIGHT? Single Mom Pays $1,000 A Month To Live In Converted Garage

A young single mother is raising her 18-month-old child in a converted single-car garage — a snapshot of the extreme, sky-high rental rates in the Northern California Bay Area…and she’s pregnant with her second crumb-cruncher!

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