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Just Say No: For white working-class women, it makes sense to stay single mothers.

From slate.com:

The economy has changed. A higher percentage of men today than 50 years ago have trouble finding steady employment, securing raises and promotions, or remaining sober and productive. Blue-collar men like Carl have lost ground while more

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From toofab.com:

Kaley Cuoco has a short new ‘do!

The “Big Bang Theory” star posted a photo of her much-shorter tresses on Instagram Wednesday.

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Thanks to Twitter follower @RalphieB1.

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REASON TO AVOID HAVING SEX WITH UK CHICKS: Most children of British mothers born out of wedlock

Since 2006 the proportion of children born to married British parents is thought to have dropped below 50 per cent for the first time. They are being outweighed by those who are part of cohabiting couples or single-parent families.


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SURE YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED? How often do most couples have sex? Twice a week!

  • The average couple has sex two to three times a week, a doctor says
  • 45% of men orgasm within two minutes – much too quick for most women
  • The average woman takes five to seven minutes to reach orgasm
  • Average
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Dear Girls Who Are (Finally) Ready To Date Nice Guys: We Don’t Want You Anymore

From Thought Catalog:

I didn’t expect anything in return except a chance to win your heart. I’m stable, I’m a good provider, I want marriage and kids in my future. I’m the man of your dreams, but you couldn’t

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THIS IS HOW THEY THINK ABOUT NICE GUYS LIKE YOU: Dear Nice Guy, I Wasn’t Ready For You Before — But I Am Now

From Thought Catalog:

Dear Nice Guy,

I don’t know you yet but I’m so ready to date you. Seriously, I am. For a long time, I dated bad boys. Yes, I was that girl you blame for always coming

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Why Women Should Always Have Sex On A First Date

From Elite Daily:

Every woman’s magazine, all your girlfriends and every dating site have always been adamant about one rule of dating – no sex on the first date.

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‘It could have been worse – she could have been doing drugs’: Father of new mother, 12, says he is proud after she and boyfriend, 13, become Britain’s youngest parents

  • Mother met boyfriend a year ago and was 11 when baby was conceived
  • Pair from London have combined age of 25 and ‘intend to stick together’
  • Girl’s ‘father’ admits: ‘It is heartbreaking, but you can’t turn back time’
  • Says there
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WHO WOULD STAY WITH SOMEONE LIKE THIS? Woman makes her fiance take a lie detector test every time he leaves the house AND bans him from watching women on TV

The most jealous woman ever? Debbi Wood, 42, who tests fiance Steve Wood, 30, for any evidence of infidelity diagnosed with delusional jealousy.

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AT LEAST SHE DIDN’T HAVE 7 ABORTIONS! Police find 7 dead babies in Utah County home


Pleasant Grove, Utah police made a grisly discovery Saturday: seven dead infants, six of them in cardboard boxes.

Megan Huntsman, 39, was arrested early Sunday morning on suspicion of six counts of murder.

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