Listeners tell The Tom Leykis Show how they feel about us continuing into a third year

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Helooooooooo Professor,

The last time you and I spoke, I told you something that I hope you will always keep in mind: no matter how limited a call-in talk show’s influence on society may be, never underestimate the impact you can have on on individual lives. I first heard your show by chance in the fall of 2000, when I was living in SoCal. I was glad that amid so much blandly irrelevant content, here was a host who combined a devastating wit and a thorough understanding of human nature, while discussing issues of practical importance. Over the years you have proven to be that, and so much more besides. I remember your last terrestrial radio show emphasizing that your listeners should love themselves. This seems simple, but it is very profound. I didn’t grasp the full meaning at the time. As a long time listener of yours I have come to realize that the phrase encapsulates the following principles: introspection, long term planning, focusing on your goals, hard work, taking personal responsibility, fiscal prudence, and not letting your short term desires derail you from your long term goals, all with the aim of achieving the very best life for yourself that your natural abilities allow.

When I began listening to you, I was in a dire situation financially and career-wise. I had to leave SoCal to return to the dour and depressing Northeast. To make a long story short, I went back to school for postgraduate studies to study Computer Science, while working a job that I hated in a town that I hated, all the while telling myself, as you once did, that “I’m better than this!”. Once I got my degree, I started a career in software development which has been both intellectually fascinating and financially rewarding. It also gave me the means to enjoy extensive international travel, visiting many parts of the world that have I have wanted see up close since childhood. Now, as we have recently discussed, I have landed a new, substantially higher paying position in California, in which I have sorely missed living since I left in 2001. I am convinced there is no finer place on earth for combining quality of opportunity with quality of life. It is neither exaggeration nor sycophancy, but statement of fact to say that your inspiring example and practical advice have been extremely helpful to me throughout this entire process.

I also do not exaggerate when I say you belong to the same lineage as Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken and Gore Vidal. Each of them combined an extraordinary intellect, fierce wit, a prodigious work ethic and the courage to stand up for unpopular ideas. Clearly, that also describes you. The only difference is that your medium is the spoken word instead of the written one, and that every weekday your audience can interact with you. Also, you dispense consistently judicious advice, to those of us with the good sense to put aside our egos and listen.

Such is my personal appeal to keep the New Normal going. However, I understand that you are a businessman, and providing value to the p1s should not mean you will hemorrhage money indefinitely (this is why I have always contribute financially however I can). I would like to add two more perspectives:

First is an appeal to your curiosity: you have created, literally from nothing, an entire p1 community that has effectively bypassed corporate hegemony to interact with one another, generating both content and commerce in new and fascinating ways. I suspect you must be interested, as I certainly am, to see how this will continue to evolve, if given the chance.

Finally, I would like to appeal to your competitive nature: I have heard you say that whenever someone tells you that you can’t do something, it only pushes you harder to get it done. What better way to live up to this than to preserve something that means so much to so many? From what you have told us about the state of The New Normal, it seems to be on a continuously improving trajectory financially. If I recall correctly, I think you even told us it had been in the black, or at least breaking even, for a while this year. I feel that given the ever increasing p1 base, along with your characteristic hard work, resourcefulness and business savvy, it is only a matter of time before The New Normal becomes consistently profitable. Now consider the unimaginative, condescending assholes who have derided your “little internet project”. If you pull the plug now, you will have proven them right. Don’t you want to prove them wrong?

Your student and p1,
Alexis “Alex from Hoboken, soon to be San Mateo County” Gavras



I’ve been thinking about different ways to maybe help boost revenue for you guys and have come up with an idea. With this idea I do not know if it is possible or how much it may even cost if any, but like I’m almost certain everything cost money.

Now this idea that I have come up with may have even possibly been thought of before or maybe even brought up among your conversations with listeners and the boys Gary, Dino, Mike and maybe even Art at times, but here it is.

I have noticed that since you have the New Normal Rapper (I apologize for not remembering his name, Andy Blanco?) He has gained a lot of popularity with all your listeners, as I know I am one who looks forward to his raps on WOP. The instrumental intros to the shows also kick major ass. What if a online station was created through your New Normal Radio Network? Thus encouraging artists who would never in this day and age get any of the music they make on the radio, and are forced to practically beg people to buy the CD’s they make on Hollywood Blvd to hopefully submit content.

The cost for them could be the price of a current one year subscription for people such as solo artist or 4 or 5 one year subscriptions if its a band with 4 or 5 members for a set amount of plays for the song or songs they submit to be played per week unless requested. Or for a certain amount of songs that are able to be submitted for the cost. This way their music gets listened to and it has brought in revenue as another subscription has been sold and more word of mouth about the quality of the show can be spread. Secondly there can be an option to buy the song if people like, in which it can be arranged with the artist that you could possibly gain revenue from a percentage of the song sales while also allowing advertisers to run ads/commercials on the channel. This could also be used as contest as to which band/ artist listeners would like to hear perform at listener parties by voting on songs they may have heard.

If something like this cannot work I feel good in saying that I tried to help someone who helps me everyday by doing my part aside from needing to finally become a P1 myself which there is no excuse for not being one after being a listener for over 10 years. If this is possible then I’m just doing my part to help you even make a $1.00 profit to say you did it.

Thank You



I’ve done what I can do to increase listeners, and patrons, I frequently tell dudes that I meet when I’m out hunting that you are back. I feel that your message is what today’s young men need, you have taught me the way of the American man, not some pussified version but the legit ideals that helped build a strong nation. 

I hope you are going to stay with us, but if you decide that from a business standpoint it doesn’t make sense, I understand. I have your show playing in the background mostly all day, it’s like a mantra, it keeps me strong. 

When I first heard you I had already adopted your way of thinking without knowing it. However, everyone else was telling me I was jaded. I thought it was the appropriate response to having had my heart ripped out of my chest by some bitch. When I heard your show it was like a beacon of hope, that it was ok to feel the way I did. To not put anyone before my needs and well being. In a world where people tell you marriage is what you have to do, it’s good to have a voice reaffirming that it’s about me first, and I will never compromise on that.

Thank you so much for everything you have given us to this point, if you decide to comeback, I will continue to be a champion of your cause. We’ll ride this motherfucker till the wheels fall off.

Thanks professor,

Sam Contreras from Los Angeles



YES, YES, YEEEEESSS I want you and the boys back for year three (and beyond)! I’ve been a listener since the middle 90’s. I was pleased to shake your hand the time you did a remote from Reno, NV. You are one cool cat.

I do whatever I can to promote and support your show. I hope the efforts of

your listeners (fans) make a difference.


Blow me up Tom,

Mike Aurnague



As a 33 year old female, I realize that I’m not your target demo.  But I fucking love the hell out of your show and your completly twisted and foul sense of humor, there just aren’t enough people like you in the world.  I wish that I had the money to be a premium subscriber, but it’s just not possible at this time.  So I’m a P1 in other aspects, like using your Amazon link and spreading the word of Leykis 101 as much as I can, even to random strangers. Even though it’s not much, as soon as I finish this email, I’m going to send you two beers as a thank you for all of the time that I have spent listening and enjoying your show.

I currently reside in the armpit of California, in the central valley, just south of Fresno.  I first heard your show in my early 20′s and you were talking about women being dream killers.  I thought “What a fucking douche! I’m not a dream killer!”, since at that time I allowed the guy I was dating to be my own dream killer.  Fast forward to my late 20′s when I was living in LA, I rediscovered your show and I thought, “Wow this is that douchey guy I heard forever ago, and hey, this guy is actually pretty funny and fucking spot on!”  I would tune in every night, while I was sitting in traffic on the 170, on my way home from work.  Of course then came Feb 2009, and I actually listened to your last show while driving home to visit my parents and listened until I lost the signal while driving through the grapevine.  From time to time, I would check randomly to see if there was an update of if/when you’d be back, and the last time must have been sometime in 2011… because I had no idea you were back until this past summer, when a Facebook friend of mine had liked a status of yours.  Since that day over the summer, your stream is always on in my apartment and at work.

I would like to thank you for reinforcing my view that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be single, wanting to living alone (which is the best shit ever!!!), not wanting to get married and NEVER wanting any fuck trophies.  I’m one of few women that I know, who doesn’t have this psychotic urge/need to reproduce.  I can’t tell you how many dumb asses that I continually seem to encounter, who tell me that I just need to meet “THE ONE!” (in your wonderful lady voice, haha) and somehow that will make me want sign the marriage contract and to shit out kids from my vagina.  To them I respond, “Have you ever listened to Tom Leykis?  You should listen to him, he gives great life advice!”  And then they never bother me about that shit again :)

I have nothing but respect for you and the guys.   To buck the system and do what you want to do, how you want to do it, is inspiring.  I really hope that you continue your show, but if not… FUCKING THANK YOU for the last few months of laughs and insight that I have gained as a listener.  Now that I have finished my degree in business, I finally will have the time to call in on a WOP Friday, because I have a dumb broad story that I know you boys will enjoy, it’s unbelievable.

I hope you and the guys are enjoying a much deserved break and your holidays!


(That song was so fucking hilarious! I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt the first time I heard it)

Thank you again and I really hope you are able to continue the show.





Just a little note. I haven’t been able to pick up the P1 yet. but if you knew my situation, you would think its a low priority, too. I do support you though, i tell as many people as possible about your show. Talk about you all the time. Definitely keep this going. You got a good thing going. Maybe see about getting danny bonaduce a spot on the new normal too? he had a little following i thought. thanks for everything over the years tom.



I do want to say thank you for making my holidays special.  I actually got home at 5 pm on the 24th from Mexicali and we decided to buy El Pollo Loco for dinner, it was delicious!  We had a couple of invitations but we decided to stay home!  My boyfriend and I decided not to do gifts this year and he was excited, me too!  Also you helped me meet my goal for the holidays! (No gifts, no pressure) All that stuff you talked about family and friends being fake and dramatic, i actually had the balls to say NO to everyone.  Once again my mother ruined Christmas for my sister and on top of that my mother was upset because i refuse to hang out with her. I remember the last conversation i had with my father one week before he passed away, we were talking about an incident i had with my mother.  I told my dad that my mother said i deserved to get beat down like her brother did when he was little.  My uncle use to get tied to the tree and my grandfather use to beat him up, one time he almost chocked his ass to death.  My grandfather is dead now.  My father told me if possible to stay away from my mother because she is crazy and to stop listening to her bullshit.  My father was upset because he  always tried to protect us from her.  Can you imagine a husband paying a wife 500 dollars a week to stay home and take care of their children, making sure the house is clean and food on the table???  Shit i got stories.  When someone in your family passes away we suppose to be “closer” and i was willing to do that, but you reminded me of what my father said.  That is why you need to keep going next year because you made a difference in my life and you made me a stronger person.  I said to myself  fuck being closer, i need to be happy and make sure that my children are happy too.  Thank you and i was able to get one gift for my children and didn’t go all out like every Christmas and believe it or not my kids were so happy to get that one gift!  They were so thankful!  Just to let you know my father use to make up song for us when we were little with the Spanish songs (Vicente Fernandez, Ramon Ayala) and we use to laugh so hard.  You can only imagine what he use to sing.  That’s why you guys are my family!  I love you guys and you guys need to continue to make a difference in my life and others.

Lizbeth Escobar

Foco You Foco Me


Please stay on. I subscribed. Tried to get my friends to subscribe, too.

Perhaps the business model can be tweaked to generate more listeners.

Have you considered posting YouTube clips to reddit’s The Red Pill subreddit, and generating controversy on reddit’s main front page?

Reddit generates the news much like The Drudge Report. The Red Pill is a subreddit very much in alignment with your views. You’ll find new listeners there.

Reddit’s main page will help you generate controversy much as you did on Twitter and also as you did in your younger years in Miami.


All the Best,


P.S. focus


Hello Tom:

I’m currently and will be in the future a premium user for the show.  I call in when I can, and always use the Amazon link.  I wanted to ask for a couple of things for 2014.

First, when I frequent small to mid-size businesses I would like to ask the owners or managers about a potential advertising investment with the New Normal.  However, I don’t have the numbers or sales pitch to do this on my own.  I was curious if you could make a pre-fabricated letter with all the numbers of ratings, demos, and other information that we could print off to give out.

Second, I have $99 premium account for the Tom Leykis show.  I was curious if we could do an account for like $199 or something that would include all the New Normal Stuff.  Like the Gary and Dino show, Tasting Room, and other specials like the wrestling show that Mike did would be in podcast form.  Maybe the new ultra premium users could have like a VIP phone number to call into the show, or like front of the line passes for listener parties and special discounts on clothes or maybe even $199 users could get a package deal with like step-ups or the black-box or something.

Third and last; No doubt all the premium users are the biggest fans of what you guys are doing.  I was curious if you could do a one hour a month pod-cast for the State of the New Normal.  You could tell us the numbers and new things that are coming up for the company.  If not a pod-cast maybe a special hour where only the premium users can call in and we could brain storm together for new ideas.

Thanks again for your time.  I think the show has lots of potential just needs more time to become profitable.




Tom I’ve enjoyed listen to your shows so much. I live around Detroit. A new idea is hard to come by here, Michigan is a very conservative state. Then that fresh voice from the West came to town delivering a message that was unheard of before MEN MATTER. The issues you bring up are never heard any other place. For the most part I’ve lived my life simliar  to your principles and most people including me sometimes, thought I was crazy. With your show and thoughts, I feel like I did the right thing. That I’m not some damaged person. When  you went off the air in Detroit I was really devastated. I hope you will continue to podcast. I’ve tried to do my part with a internet subscription and purchases on Amazon. One of my New Years resolutions is to go to a listener party in California and it would be a honor to meet you, Gary and Dino. Well I could go on, but your thoughts will always guide my life in a positive direction. Hope to keep hearing from you.

Craig Swailes

I hope you keep going for another year. In addition to providing an excellent, engaging show, you are a positive disruptive force in the “radio” business. The way you are going, 2014 will be in the black. If for some reason you’re not profitable after three full years, I think you can say you gave it your best shot. Two years – with the growth you’ve seen – is too soon to bow out. You have proven this format works online; I think you will prove how to monetize it as well. Please keep pushing forward!


P.S. Count me in for another year as a P1.

We Love you Man,

Don’t leave again.  I really appreciate you being on the air.  I hope you will reconsider.

Christian Solis

Tom, I first heard you by chance, flipping through the channels on vacation in Los Angeles in July 2004. Ever since then I was hooked. I suffered through your absence, hoping you would be back. I am so glad you are back, certainly better than ever . I would be lost without your show. I have learned more than you will ever know. I especially like Adam Sacks and Leykis 101.I am a premium subscriber and buy from your Amazon link as I need to . I have also bought beers. Your advice and stories really ‘speak’ to me .

My father was not the best, and your stories of yours really hit home . I especially enjoyed your show in November where you spoke of phony people who were not really friends at all. They just wanted something. So,I would,dare I say ‘beg’ of you not to stop the show. I bet that if you made another ‘plea’ for donations like before,you’d get even more money.

Sincerely your P1


Hey Tom, just wanted to give my humble opinion about your question in the email there.

I don’t think 2 years is long enough to determine if it is a success or a failure yet. As it is proceeding so far it looks like it is definitely headed for success (black) in the near future to me. On top of that, if you cut your losses now you will still be in the red, no? This internet revolution is still in progress. There is much more for you and your brand and New Normal medium to discover. You have seen before in your life what sticking with something means. If it is becoming more than you want to do and you are not happy anymore, I understand. But most importantly, you do an invaluable service to these young mamma’s boys and we all love you for it! You change lives, how many people get to do that? If you leave, someone else WILL have noticed what you did and make it work and hit, then you’ll be kickin yer arse!

Anything I can do to help, let me know. All the best to you,

Ian Fleming


Hi Tom and crew

As a devoted P1 I wanted to share my thoughts about season 3 of The Tom Leykis Show. I am slightly out of your demographic as I am 47 who wish that I had practiced Leykis 101 prior to the last couple of years.

As I have been fairly successful in my career, I did not apply my sales and marketing rules to my personal life. BIG MISTAKE! I was a pussy and doormat and used to think that a “relationship” was a good thing. FUCK THAT! I am now forever single and love doing whatever the fuck I want.

I have heard at least 75% of shows since you returned. Apologies if this following idea has already been discussed:

VIP/ELITE Membership

How about adding an additional VIP/Elite membership level for those who can afford to pay more. While there are many low-income listeners there are a decent pool of those who are financially doing well. In a way, this is a way for members to automatically keep “tipping/buying the boys a beer”. As you know, it is always easier to up-sell your current base. This level should not be cheap. This level would be for devoted followers. It is proven that people want to receive extra recognition and proven that motivation to support the show works.

The tough part is coming up with a few no-cost or low-cost benefits that this level will receive. Including that before you take them out at the end of a call that they are called a VIP when they had disclosed that they are…. maybe that VIPs will be followed on Twitter by the show’s account, a shout out, extra perk at parties and a few things that make the P1 feel important.

This is a proven method. People want to feel special and are willing to pay for the recognition….(ask any BMW driver). People spend more money to feel special. One of the things that I personally do is manage social media sites. People engage when they feel that they will be treated in a special way. I help build and keep over 6 million fans/followers by making them feel special.

There is a personality Chris Pirillo that has “Gnomies” where people for the past few years had paid $97 a year just for the access to a private Facebook group. He currently makes more than $40k just for access to a group where he may answer their questions/comments. I think he spends only a few minutes a day to respond.

This is not a complete life saver, but I bet if there I bet done right it really can help. There are a lot of callers and people on social media that are willing to pay to feel closer to the team.

Thank you for everything! Your show is more than a show, it is a way of life. I hope that you and the P1s work together to make 2014 THE year. This idea may suck for this particular situation, but I wanted to make sure to share just in case it is something that you think could help.
(Gorilla/Old Old School blow me up)

Larry McKenzie

(apologies for the long length of this email)

I really don’t see how with all of the positive news and listener stats and supporters Tom sees that this project will fail. Did Tom seriously expect to make a profit in under five years. I’m betting you’re smarter than this and are just messing with us to drum up publicity and get the deadbeat listeners to buck up. So, I’m not worried.

I live right near your Burbank studios in Glendale. I’d love to come over later with some good wine and join the party. Hit me back.

Michael Klein

You already know how I feel about the show continuing. I hope you’ll do this till you physically can’t.

Fiscally, I think that with your new advertising opportunities and word of mouth you will begin to profit.

Thanks for all you’ve given so far. I’d invest twice as much to be fortunate enough to have the show to keep me company daily!

Merry xmas and I will now UN-pause the show.


Bob G

Tom, Gary, Dino, & Mike,

First of all Merry Christmas! The show has become a part of my life. Besides my kids, I have not supported anything more. You guys have made me, and many others feel like they are a part of something very special. Just the thought of the show ending kills me. Thanks to you guys, I went from rocking stages in the Hip Hop scene, HOPING people would remember my name, to having fans, and support all over the world. People would not know me if it wasnt for a 30 second call every Wednesday. I owe you guys a lot. I respect the crew and all you do for people. Thank you for making me feel like a “somebody”

Phuck You I Ruv You


Aka Lounie Reyes/Lonnie

Long live TLS


Helloooooo Tom !

First time long time !!!

Here’s what I have to say about your questioning if you should renew for year 3 or not. I know it’s hard especially when the first two years have been in the red and we know that the first five years of any business is the most difficult.

Tom without any doubts I believe you and your staff will be able to make it out of the red and will continue for as long as you want. You just have to wait it out as it will all come together soon enough. I just know it !

You and your staff have already put everyone that didn’t believe in you in their place. Proving once again that our professor is not only right but is still in high demand.

Besides Tom (Dad),

I need you ! We need you !

Life is so hard right now for many of us if you decide not to renew then our lives will become unbearable. We will end up orphans. Please don’t abandon us !

We are worthy of your wisdom and we will carry you where you need to go.

Please Dad,

Don’t leave us !! We just got you back and we don’t want to lose you again!!

We want you to be around for a long time !!


As difficult as it may be should you decide not to renew I will respect your decision. May not agree but will respect.


Tom, Gary, Dino, and Mike,

I see that you are encouraging people to write in with opinions on whether or not you should keep the show running. I’m only one man and I thought I’d contribute one e-mail. PLEASE keep the show going! You have (BY FAR) the most entertaining and unique show on radio or internet and if you leave, there will simply be NOTHING to listen to in the car or shower! I’ve been a fan of the show for almost 12 years now and waited (UN)patiently for your return (as I know thousands of fans did). I know you don’t “owe” it to anybody, but I just wanted to beg you guys not to leave us after such a short time. Your content is entertaining, comical, and thought-provoking and is a big part of the day for so many of us. I think I, along with millions of others, still have a lot to learn from you and a lot of laughs of head of us. During your three hour show, you always get at least one caller who tells you how much you mean to them, what an affect you’ve had on their life, and how much they look up to you and attribute their success to you. Sometimes you have shows where there are multiple callers like this. They are the biggest reason why you need to keep the show going, and your followers are doing everything they can to financially support you and spread the word (myself included). I am rarely able to listen to the show live and call in, so I wanted to express my gratitude in this e-mail. Whatever the case, I hope you make the right decision for YOU and if anything, know that this brief stint has been the best work of your career(s). NOBODY does what you do.

Thank you for every second,


Dear Tom,

I just read the email. First, Id like to say Merry Christmas and happy holiday. Second, I am extremely upset that you guys are still in the red. Im going to try my best to  subscribe to premium tom as soon as I can get the money. Tom your show is a blessing in my life. Your show provides me with entertainment, insight, and knowledge that i could never attain normally. Please Tom I urge you to push forward and I have a really good feeling 2014 will be a good year for the show. I cant explain it but I feel you will break even and start generating profit. As I mentioned in previous emails to you, you are an inspiration.

Your student, loyal listener, and P1,

Abubakr (Baker)

Please return for your 3rd year, Tom!! I’ve had my annual subscription for 2 years, and will certainly renew for a third year when my renewal is due!


5 Responses to Listeners tell The Tom Leykis Show how they feel about us continuing into a third year

  1. Christopher December 24, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

    Tom, your show has been fun, inspirational, educational and a look into the future of talk radio.
    Two years is not enough to show the true potential of this medium.
    The New Normal Studio needs a morning show Monday through Friday hitting the LA area ( and the world ) hard and the upcoming Spanish language stream that you already have in the works.
    When you are not in studio another team should be producing morning content. Double the income stream!
    Of course with that comes expenses, so the morning team will have to believe on the Internet potential as much as you and the boys.
    Have any loved morning jocks been let go recently that you think could make this happen?
    This is no different than a pizza shop sub leading the pizza ovens early in the morning to make bagels, to be sold around the city. It increases the return on your capital investment at a time when it usually sits dormant.
    I’m a proud P1 and I live the Leykis 101 life so I want this to work and keep hearing the show :-)
    Happy holidays and Aloha!

    • Mike Jones December 25, 2013 at 12:50 am #

      I too have thought that a morning commute show for the LA market would increase the listening audience. Like Tom says – all cars will eventually have what his Tesla has – the capability to put Internet radio on a level playing field with terrestrial radio. The question is WHEN WILL THE TIPPING POINT OCCUR? 3 years? 5 years? I’d say 5 years. The question is not whether it will succeed, but WHEN. The second question is – who will fund a money-losing Internet radio morning talk-show for 5 years?

  2. will woud December 25, 2013 at 9:59 am #

    tom you are a great entertainer, but you are wearing too many hats! hire some management to guide your company to profitability. there have been many missed opportunities for revenue generation IMO.

    how about sending out a listener survey for ideas from both sides of the fence?

    have a prosperous new year!!

  3. christoph December 27, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    tom, if you are reading this, i would be humbled to call you my father. nothing short of inspirational. truly, thank you tom for making such a positive impact on my life. i do my best to spread the word . thank you father! i fucking love you

  4. Tom's a Pimp December 27, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    I agree with the dude with the idea about having naked Leykett models with a video link during the show. It would be easy to find hot College chicks in L.A. who would do a 3 hour shift, M-F, and Premium members would get to view them, with an upgrade to audio and chat, for a pay-per-minute fee.

    Even if it were a link to one of these webcam girl sites in the beginning; its obvious that the Amazon traffic proved that gets major viral traffic, and if it were me, you’re damn right I would have a webcam girl link to rake in hundreds of grand in commission revenue, at the least.

    Once its a proven revenue maker, waste no time in hiring hot naked Leyketts who would even take calls while they orgasm, then make them mascots of the show with party appearances, auction $40 dinner dates, etc. I’m from an IT background, and its such a waste of bandwidth to have all that wasted upstream and not use it for naked chicks who would love to make $100 an hour while Tom makes like $20,000 an hour by just promoting the feed!

    I also believe that more women would call in because all women have lesbian tendencies, IMO – and they would watch, then listen, get outraged, and it would be the good ol’ days again when we could 3-way call and insult crazy bitches who are outraged at the topic. …Oh those good old days..

    4 HD webcams, $350. 4 naked college chicks, $400/hr. 150,000 listeners paying $100 a year to watch the Leykets daily.. $15 million bucks annual revenue. Free publicity from outraged feminist cunts; Priceless.

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