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The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis – Beer Tasting at Brewyard Beer Company (VIDEO)

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Regarding Attorney Adam Sacks

We have decided to change our programming and our show will no longer include segments with attorney Adam Sacks. Thanks to Adam for his support in the past and we wish him well in his future endeavors.…

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‘Man cold’ debated by couples, scientists

Do men suffer more from colds than women, or just complain more about having the sniffles?  CBC-TV’s Kim Brunhuber asks pain researcher Jeffrey Mogil of McGill University in Montreal about the so-called man cold, and whether women really have a …

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Walk this way: Men slow down when sex is at stake

The strolling pace of men and women may give away some clues about our romantic partnerships and friendships, according to a study published Wednesday in the online journal PLOS One. Read more

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Men sleep naked, women sleep with socks on

First of all (and I’d like to find out how they know this) but men are twice as likely to sleep naked than women. Women, however, are three times as likely to wear socks to bed. A full 13% of …

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The Real Reason Couples Have Sex

Why do married couples have sex, and how can they have better sex? The answers are more complicated than you might think, according to two new studies. Read more

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Marketing to men by appealing to “manfluencers”

Hooray for gender equality! We’ve finally discovered something to rival the insultingly asinine results you see whenever some company’s marketing department tries repackaging gender-neutral items “for women” — the insultingly asinine results you get when another company’s marketing department tries …

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Women’s breasts age faster than the rest of their body

Breasts typically age more quickly than the rest of the female body. So suggests a system that may be the most accurate way yet of identifying a person’s age from a blood or tissue sample. Read more

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Competition drives marsupial males to suicidal sex

Male marsupial mice just don’t know when to stop. For Antechinus stuartii, their debut breeding season is so frenetic and stressful that they drop dead at the end of it from exhaustion or disease. It may be the females of …

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The circumcised men desperate to reverse the procedure: ‘Angry and shameful’ men take to online forums to discuss restoring their manhood

Many men are circumcised at an early age or have to undergo the procedure later in life for health reasons.

Now, a small but vociferous community of circumcised men is gathering online to discuss methods of ‘foreskin restoration’.

These men …

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