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Almost 20% of teen births are not a first child

Nearly one in five births to U.S. teens ages 15-19 is not a first child, says a federal report out today.

Of the 365,000 teens who gave birth in 2010, almost 67,000 (18.3%) have had at least one child before, …

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More Americans are living together before marriage, study finds

Americans are increasingly saying “I do” to living together before marriage, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, cohabitation is now more common among younger women than living with a spouse or …

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Gym to kick men out, create ‘women-only’ workout environment

(WXYZ) – Starting on April 8, a Taylor fitness club will be open exclusively for ladies while dozens of its male members will be shown the door.

“We are members here, we signed contracts and it’s just not right,” said …

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More men ending their marriages over women’s excessive drinking

It was once a familiar stereotype – the husband staying late in the pub after work, the angry wife fretting over his ruined dinner in the oven.

But so-called ‘Sex and the City’ drinking, and women turning to alcohol to

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Phil Jackson Says He Doesn’t Think There Are Any Gay NBA Players

The question, from Huffington Post editor Alana Horowitz: “I’m wondering if you think that organizations and players and athletes need to be more inclusive of gay athletes and more welcoming toward the gay community in general.”

Jackson’s response: “That’s a …

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Young Music Fans Listen To Streaming Services As Much As Radio: Report

Your Professor is still waiting to hear back from all the people who said we were crazy to start The New Normal. Also, all the people who asked “what station are you on?”

See it here.…

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Samoa Air says charging passengers by weight is ‘concept of the future’

Your Professor suggested this numerous times over the years. And now, here it is!…

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Beer and hot dogs: Which ballparks charge most

Mets fans at New York’s Citi Field shell out the most for a regular hot dog — $6.25 a pop. Meanwhile, Cincinnati Reds’ watchers at Great American Ball Park can get a dog for just a buck — the cheapest …

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Guys Who Do Housework Get Less Sex

A new study in the American Sociological Review suggests men routinely doing “female” chores appear to have less—not more—sex.

Couples in which men participate more in housework typically done by women report having sex less frequently. Similarly, couples in which …

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Why some women ‘trip for bad boys’

MONTREAL — Some women are embarrassed if their significant other lands in jail, others however, actively pursue incarcerated men.

“All inmates will tell you that there are women who trip for bad boys,” said Stephane Lamarche, a former prisoner who …

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