‘Have you ever seen such gross disrespect?’: Judge blasts ‘spoiled’ cheerleader, 18, suing parents to support her after she ran away claiming they were behind her bulimia and her father showed her ‘inappropriate affection’

  • College-bound honors student Rachel Canning of Lincoln Park, New Jersey says she was ‘abandoned’ by her parents the day she turned 18
  • Judge today warned her that she should not expect a payout saying he can’t expect to tell a parent how to put a child back on the ‘right tracks’
  • He added that she has shown her parents the ‘proverbial f u’ and warned of the ‘slippery slope’ where parents live in fear of setting down rules
  • Expressed anger at phone message she left mother, Elizabeth, in which Rachel told her: ‘I wanna shit all over your face’
  • Rachel claims her weight dropped to 92 pounds after developing an eating disorder in sophomore year
  • In court papers she claims her father said she was ‘more’ than just a daughter to him and he kissed her on the cheek inappropriately
  • Rachel’s father, Sean, is a former Lincoln Park, New Jersey police chief and says his daughter is a ‘spoiled’ liar who left on her own
  • Judge adjourned hearings until later but denied any immediate financial assistance

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5 Responses to ‘Have you ever seen such gross disrespect?’: Judge blasts ‘spoiled’ cheerleader, 18, suing parents to support her after she ran away claiming they were behind her bulimia and her father showed her ‘inappropriate affection’

  1. Bob March 5, 2014 at 6:51 am #

    I am an ex-father to a similar spoiled brat in NJ. But about 6 years ago the NJ Judiciary went AGAINST me and ordered me to pay to the ex-brat’s medical school costs. I was divorced from her mother from when she was small. Her mother and I paid for most of her undergraduate costs. She had only been to see me 2 times in 7-8 years and refused to have anything to do with me, so I said I was done paying for someone who has not feelings for me.

    But NJ went against me. That is why that lawyer father of a friend of that Canning brat-girl packaged this scammed up case against the parents. The precedent was set 30 years ago when the NJ Judiciary started to “legislate from the bench”. There is no law regarding this kind of financial obligation; there is no law in NJ to emanicipate a child at 18, so there is a possibility that this little tramp could appeal AND WIN.

    WHERE WAS THE PRESS, THEN, when I and so many other dads get screwed in NJ?
    So there is a difference if parents are divorced or married? Is that fair? If you get divorced in NJ, then you can get screwed by a spiteful kid?

    I tried to start a movement in NJ at that time but I ended up “settling” after the trial (I was going to appeal – so I just paid the little bitch off to get on with my life.) I actually had a senator who expressed his support. Some other parents took over the website when I left, but I don’t think it ever got any traction. Take a look, NJ!!!

    I’ve got horror stories of those years that will shake your head.

    Blow-me-up, Tom.

    • Bob March 5, 2014 at 7:01 am #

      A tidbit more from that website for your readers in NJ. Under the WHY section:
      = = = =
      Totally Unfair and Inconsistent:
      In-tact vs. Broken Families:

      Parents of in-tact families have full authority to put that adult-child out of their house, onto the street, at the age of 18 with no obligation in any form. Yet parents in a family split by divorce in NJ strangely incur a civil, financial obligation to pay for an adult-child’s college education. It is possible that a divorced father could be paying child support and college costs for their 35 year old adult-child as long as they stay in college.
      ◾Is it better that a family is broken apart so that a young adult gets their college paid for by their parents by court order? Obviously not.
      ◾Should the NJ Courts instigate adult-children to sue their parents and litigate them in Court to pay for college support? Obviously not.
      = = = =
      For 30 years, NJ Judiciary has been unconstitutionally screwing divorced parents.

      There was one case in NJ where a kid sued his divorced parents to pay for his Law School costs, when BOTH parents adamantly opposed paying anything for the spiteful kid. They LOST and the judge ordered them to PAY because they were divorced.


  2. Steve March 6, 2014 at 5:37 pm #

    Someone once asked me the three smartest things I’ve done in my life.

    Without hesitation, I said:

    – I went to college
    – never got married
    – never had kids

    Some person standing behind me, that I had never before seen in my life heard me and said “Amen”.

    Keep up the good work Tom. I have learned so much from you over the years. A lot of it I had noticed when I was younger, but could never put into the words like you do.

    Reality shows have destroyed this country. They really should be outlawed.

    • John Freeman March 6, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

      That is so true. Oprah has so brainwashed this country that everytime I expose American women for the sorry cunts they are, they’re a dozen manginas lined up to defend them. It’s sickening! That cunt that drove her van into the ocean and tried to murder her kids, has everybody on the net defending her because she MAY have an abusive husband! So if you’re a female murderer and you want to kill your kids, just say you’ve been abused and you’ll get off! American women are like children, they’re are no consequences to their behavior. Just blame it on a man. 25 years of oprah and this is where we are at.

  3. John Freeman March 6, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    She embodies everything that is wrong with America. And what’s sad, I’m sure this little cunt will find some mangina to marry her and take care of her sorry ass.

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