The craving for a baby that drives women to the ultimate deception

One of the primary tenets of Leykis 101 has been that women will lie, steal and basically do anything to get pregnant, and to have you on the hook for the attendant costs, not to mention to keep the drama in your life for decades to come.

And you sappy pussies fall in love without realizing that you are about to be sentenced to life in prison with these bitches when they “accidentally” get pregnant.

Your Professor has warned you about using condoms, keeping your DNA to yourself, and to put Tabasco or habanero sauce into all used condoms just to protect yourself. Now comes a wrinkly British turkeyneck who will tell you point blank about specifically how she deceived the men in her life, and what to look out for. If you don’t believe Your Professor, you’ve got to believe her.

Liz Jones is her name and she lays it all out for you in this piece in the London Daily Mail.

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