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From Tom’s Blog

The 7 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s keeps its business partners out of the spotlight; both sides have incentives for keeping mum about re-branded products. But if you try things around the store, you’ll probably find a few that, um… strongly remind you of big-name favorites.

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THE DEBATE RAGES ON: Why the blazingly fast new Galaxy Note 4 is simply light years ahead of Apple’s iPhone

From the London Daily Mail:

Sadly for Apple, the school bully, Samsung, has swaggered up and walked off with its lunch money without even making an effort.

Next to the Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus looks like a bodged-together mess.

Samsung has been making huge phones for years – greeted at first with ridicule, then grudging acceptance, before finally being granted the ultimate accolade of Apple producing its own knock-off.

But the 6 Plus really isn’t fit to shine Galaxy Note 4’s boots.

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WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS FOR FIVE YEARS: Internet car radio poses bigger threat for local AM-FM

The car dashboard is being transformed and it’s taking AM-FM radio with it.

Just as it did newspapers and broadcast television, the Internet revolution is roiling the local broadcast landscape that has long held a monopoly on the car radio.

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BLAST FROM THE PAST (2001): Journalists are not shock jocks, Tom

There’s an extra-hot room in hell reserved for Tom Leykis.

It’s the perfect place for a guy who makes his worldly living by spewing out drivel with the appeal of fresh excrement.

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1949 TV commercial: “What cigarette do YOU smoke, Doctor?”

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WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS? McDonald’s and Coca Cola see profits fall sharply

Two US food and drink titans have posted sharply lower profits for the July-to-September quarter.

McDonald’s saw earnings fall 30%, while Coca-Cola’s fell 14%, with both citing lower US sales as key reasons.

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