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On Friday's WOP during a ProFlowers spot, I talked about how even I love flowers. I have them all over my ranch. Take a look! ... See MoreSee Less

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From Tom’s Blog

Oregon Shooter Chris Harper Mercer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Here’s what we know about Harper Mercer and the shooting.

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NOW THAT SHE’S OUT OF PRISON, SHE WANTS $7,900/MONTH! Child Molester Genise Schu Suing Ex-Husband for Spousal Support

A Santa Barbara woman sentenced to prison for engaging in a long-term sexual relationship with her son’s 13-year-old friend is now suing her ex-husband for spousal support.

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Why do people refuse to believe that singles can be happy?

From Psychology Today:

“It turns out that other people do not just deny that single people are as happy as they say they are, they are also angry at single people who dare to say that they chose to be single.”

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FLY THEM AS SOON AS YOU CAN: Air India’s flight attendants ‘too fat to fly’

The national carrier of India, Air India, is grounding around 130 flight attendants after measuring their BMI body fat levels.

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If you want us back in 2016, you need to become a Premium Tom or ad-free Super Premium Tom subscriber

We need a total of at least 2,000 paying subscribers in order to fund the basic costs of bringing you all the hundreds of hours of content we produce every year, as well as its free availability 24/7 on our stream, as well as the content we create for our website.

Seriously, this year we’re not going to waste time on the show beating you up about this matter.

If we don’t have enough subscribers, the stream ultimately will only be available to nonsubscribers when the show is live, not as a continuously repeating stream as it has been since we started.

Remember, there’ll be no warning, no nagging on the show.

We would prefer not to do this.

It’s YOU who will be making this decision. Do you want a 24/7 live stream of our show available whenever you want it?

If we have less than 2,000 paying subscribers at the end of this year, one day early in 2016, you will simply find that the only way to get the live stream will be to listen when the show is live. At that point, the 24/7 stream will only be available to subscribers.

If you’re sick of hearing me talk about this, do the right thing today. We have about 160,000 unique listeners every month, and over 20,000 people have downloaded our app in just six months, so to expect only 2,000 subscribers is not a lot.

Start here: www.premiumtom.com/subscribe

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Tinder isn’t the safest of dating apps to use as you never truly know who you’re meeting with, and the woman in this story learned that the hard way after a night of sex.

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