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@bakedspliffin @LAClippers Yup. But this is the Clippers. And some people stupidly watched the last game and figured that could happen again. It won't.

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Women Fighting In Middle Of Route 128 Outside Boston Caught On Video

A pair of the usual homely New England shrews beat the shit out of each other. Click here to see the video and learn more!

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WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT THAT YOU’RE ONE OF 30 SIBLINGS? That’s what happened to a woman in the Bay Area when she took a “harmless” DNA test to satisfy her curiosity. Ever think about what could happen if you took one of these tests? Tom has!

Click here to listen!

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Celebrate Tom’s 7th Anniversary on the Internet

Seven years ago Tuesday, April 2nd, is the 7-year anniversary of our very first internet episode (2012). Click here to relive those very first moments!

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Don’t Mail In That DNA Kit Until You Know These Facts

From Forbes’ Nicole Fisher: Your Professor says that you shouldn’t EVER mail in that DNA kit. But if you insist, before you do, be sure to read this piece to know the risks…and there are many.

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February 23, 2019 episode

OUR NEWEST FEATURE IS HERE! There is so much hypocrisy right in our faces every day of the week and so Tom decided to put those stories all in one place.  It’s called Hypocrisy News! On our first edition of Hypocrisy News, we look at our latest hypocrites, Lisa Borders, the now-former CEO of #TimesUp , Gillette (as a result of the arrest of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft), and the late KTLA Morning News weekend anchor Chris Burrous as well as the hypocrisy of KTLA itself! Find out what the all-new Hypocrisy News is all about!

Got a comment? A question? A suggestion for a future episode of Hypocrisy News? Send it: tom@blowmeuptom.com.

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Woman uses DNA test, finds sperm donor — and pays a “devastating” price

What has Your Professor been telling you for years? Never, ever, EVER sell or give your DNA away! Would you like to be contacted by the offspring created when you sold your sperm? It’s happening!

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