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Coming to our Dodger event on Sunday? Make sure NOW that you have your ticket and your parking pass, if any, for tomorrow's game. After midnight tonight, there will be nothing we can do.

Don't be so sure you know the answer to this question! Fully FIVE different people have already come forward and claimed that the tickets had "never been sent". What really happened is that people received them long ago and forgot to open the email or save it.

REMEMBER: CHECK NOW to see if you have what you need to get in tomorrow. Once I crash tonight at midnight, there will be no way to fix any issues.
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From Tom’s Blog

Another Good Reason Not to Get Married, Courtesy of the IRS

There’s a new tax break for couples who don’t tie the knot.

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“WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO NOW?” Mother made famous in Baltimore riots seeks help after son starts fire that destroys home

Here’s another great example of a single mother, (of six, plus a grandchild as well), only 44 years old, who thinks she can “do it all on her own” really can’t. Why does someone become a single mother of six by age 43? And, why does she have a granddaughter living in the house as well? Mom is only 44! The view from here? She’s getting exactly what she deserves!

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If more women were appreciative like this, more men would get married

Suzanne Venker:

It is the steady breadwinner husband, men like you, who allow women like me to live such comfortable lives.

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WHAT A SHOCKER! Only female on U.S. Marine infantry course drops out after failing part of the grueling course

  • Unidentified woman failed , failed two conditional training hikes
  • She didn’t make the cut along with 33 of her male colleagues 
  • It was her second attempt at the grueling program after failing in April 
  • She will now be given a new position in the US Marines 
  • American forces officials are trying to recruit more women into all roles 
  • Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has said the standard of training will not be lowered so it is easier for certain groups to get in 

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Hear Tom Leykis interviewed by Chicago radio superstar Garry Meier

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WHAT WE ALWAYS WARN YOU ABOUT: Colorado man forced to pay child support despite DNA test results

“…since the truth didn’t come out until the girl was 11 and his name remains on the birth certificate, he is legally obligated to keep paying child support until she turns 19.”

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