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Q: What is The Tom Leykis Show?

A: The Tom Leykis Show is a daily call-in show of  between three and six hours in length (mostly three) produced exclusively for the internet. It can be heard at the website https://www.blowmeuptom.com, by using media players such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, and through smartphone apps such as TuneIn and Stitcher. The show was ranked at number 38 among over 70,000 live internet radio streams on the TuneIn app for 2012.

Tom Leykis is a 25-year veteran of Southern California talk radio who was formerly heard on Los Angeles stations such as KLSX, KFI, and KMPC.

by Tom Leykis


Q: What is a troll?

A: In the case of The Tom Leykis Show, it’s a person pretending to be a fan, but they are actually calling to give the host a hard time. Upon Tom finding this out, he usually has his way with them by revealing that he is on to them and insults the caller. Tom also reminds them that he has been making prank calls since he has been a kid and that they are no good at it.

The trolling also takes place on social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) where Tom usually reminds the trolls that he has seen the comments they have written about him there also.


 by Bernard Himes


Q: Why do callers open their dialogue with the greeting, “Helllooooooo Tom?” 

A: Because the formerly syndicated radio show was heard in so many different time slots and multiple time zones, it didn’t make sense for a listener during a midnight time slot to hear a “live caller” greet Tom by saying “Good afternoon Tom” or a “Good evening” to be heard by a listener at 3 PM.


by Mesa Bob Gorman


Q: Who is Jayden?

A: Jayden is a caller from Oakland, whose personality is that of a mad rambling Oakland Hood Rat savant. Combine Salvador Dali’s surrealism, 2pac’s thug life, a retard with a bad case of Tourrette’s Syndrome, and you have Jayden. The word “Nigga” spews out of his mouth more often than it does at a Paula Deen tea party. His jokes, quips, rants, and theories are amusing and at times disturbing. Is he black? Is he white? Is he Asian? (What are Ya’?) Nobody really knows. Love him or hate him, he’s a phenomenon that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


by Raif Orheim


Q: What is YG?
A: YG is an Erectile Dysfunction therapy introduced by Tom Leykis in the early 21st century. YG stands for “young girl” & is guaranteed to get the juices flowing for even the most dysfunctional equipment. For best results the YG should be really young (18+) & dumb.
by poon man


Q: Does Tom Leykis hate women?

NO, not at all! On the contrary, with most any of his female family members or friend in his life, Tom is nothing but polite, friendly, gregarious and hospitable most of the time on any given day. When it comes to his female business associates Tom is always open, honest and professional as it relates to work. As for any random woman Tom happens to find attractive, like most men, Tom wants to have a good time sexually with her as often as she will allow. The key difference here in the mind of Tom Leykis versus most guys out there, is that Tom will never allow himself to form any kind of loving romantic relationship or feelings of attachment with her. For Tom, it’s all about “the hook up” and never a serious relationship.


by Jonah Olivo


Q: Who is Suliman?
A: Suliman is one of the popular callers to The Tom Leykis Show. He comes from Leesburg, Virginia and, every time he comes on, the audience of the show goes up. Tom usually tweets the fact that Suliman is coming up next.
Suliman likes doing funny skits on Be Funny. He also likes to make fun of the entire crew of the show. Once, he was on the phone for a entire hour giving callers advice when they called up and asked a question. He has been on the News For Guys segment with Gary And Dino. And, after a year of calling, he finally made it to Burbank to the New Normal Studios to sit in for the entire “wide open phones” segment of the show. Thanks to a generous (and anonymous) listener, Suliman had all of his expenses paid to come and hang with Tom and the rest of the guys. He took calls and appeared to have drunk most of the show. Although Suliman was in the studio he refuses to let anyone take any pictures of him and there are none of him on his Facebook page.
While he jokes around with callers and the crew, it was once  revealed that Suliman’s family has been critical of him at times and that he has wished them harm.Tom told Suliman he should focus on becoming successful and that this would be the best revenge, not doing anything that would get him in trouble.
by Bernard Himes