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@GustavoArellano is in our studio, freshly married. Questions? Call (901) 3000-TOM LIVE right NOW! Listen here: blowmeuptom.com

Yesterday from Tom Leykis's Twitter via Twitter Web Client

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From Tom’s Blog

LEAVE YOUR LITTLE BRATS AT HOME: Customers furious over local restaurant’s sign towards families

One of the busiest restaurants on Old Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, CA offended some parents when it posted a sign prohibiting strollers, high chairs, booster seats, loud kids, and crying babies. Read more…

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MUST SEE HILARIOUS VIDEO! UCLA flooded, ABC 7 gets pranked by “DWP Spokesman Louis Slungpue”

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Renting drives U.S. homeownership to 19-year low

Homeownership in the United States hit a 19-year low in the second quarter as tight finances continued to drive Americans toward renting, one of the lasting legacies of the recession. Read more…

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Boston moron comments on Fox’s Erin Andrews

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Stephen A. Smith on battered women and his apology

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WHAT DID WE TELL YOU? Students Demand Answers as Bryman College Files for Bankruptcy, Closes Campuses

Bryman College students were demanding answers Monday after learning their school closed all of its campuses since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy days earlier. Bryman College Dean Christopher Finn said in a letter the college shuttered its 11 campuses and all employees lost their jobs. Read more…

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