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Great. Just please stop making them on my street. twitter.com/LAWeekly/statu…

About 7 hours ago from Tom Leykis's Twitter via Twitter for Android

From Tom’s Blog

STUDY: Women care more about a potential partner’s credit than men

43% of women say learning a person’s score would have either a major or minor impact on their dating interest, while just 32% of men say the same.

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Why It’s So Important to Get an Early Start on Retirement Saving

wsj monthly savings

Here’s how to retire a millionaire by starting NOW!

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Join 65 Leykis fans inside Dodger Stadium’s biggest, most luxurious luxury suite. Click on Dodger Stadium below for details.stadium

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$2 million is the new $1 million

Now one website is suggesting that millennials and some GenXers may need to save $2 million to retire “comfortably.”

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Even if couples have similar scores, their scores are unlikely to be exactly the same. And the further apart they are, the worse (their) prognosis.

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Dr. Drew OUT at KROQ/Los Angeles, admits CBS hasn’t been paying him

For all of you who’ve doubted what I’ve said about the few remaining prominent radio personalities working for minimal compensation, see this story about Dr. Drew leaving KROQ.

In it, he admits, “The reality is there’s not been a business model for the show for a couple of years. The honest truth is I’ve been doing it for free for a couple of years.”

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If you’re at a restaurant with someone you met on Tinder, you’re doing it WRONG, guys

Restaurant Promises to Rescue Female Diners on Bad Tinder Dates

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