Still another reason why you definitely don’t need a girlfriend

From the London Daily Mail:

Woman ‘shoots her boyfriend before killing herself’ after going on gun rampage at YouTube’s California HQ and injuring four people

  • The woman stormed YouTube’s San Bruno HQ at 12.46pm on Tuesday afternoon
  • She is feared to have shot four people including one who was her boyfriend 
  • The woman then turned the gun on herself and killed herself before police arrived
  • The four injured have all been taken to hospital and their conditions are unknown 
  • Employees were outside celebrating a party on courtyard benches at the time

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5 Responses to Still another reason why you definitely don’t need a girlfriend

  1. Geo Puerto Rico April 15, 2018 at 9:26 pm #

    Insane bitch why killing the dude. And I saw the face of this cunt and is creepy ugly psyco bitch. I will not bang this cunt never no way. The dude is a victim for being a pussy and date a ugly slim cunt.
    That’s why is so important the Tom’s legacy.

  2. Dean May 8, 2018 at 9:08 pm #

    Bitch is crazy!!! My ex is vegan. I better bust out a bullet proof vest! Notice I said EX. I DTB’d on valentines day.

  3. James May 16, 2018 at 5:19 am #

    I like what she represents. She is against the terrorism of human beings killing innocent animals. I am 100 percent for that. Shameful that she decides to victimize her boyfriend. That’s a stupid move from her.

    • John July 20, 2018 at 7:47 pm #


      You do realize our stomachs are more similar to carnivores than herbivores right? You more easily digest animal products than you do plants.

  4. mike February 7, 2019 at 11:40 am #

    I’m began my divorce in Los Angeles in 2008, took 4 yrs to sell the marital home… lost 5 other properties to bad market between 2008-2013 because of unreasonable ex, but ended up with about $330,000 while the ex got only $100,000 cuz she filed for BK in 2013 and had a homestead exemption. Anyway, I had to rent, and I had to wait until 2016 and to invest my money by buying an 8 units appt complex in Bakersfield (1.5hr from LA) More affordable than buying anything in LA, pulling now $825 each so $6600 per month. I rent a 1 bedroom in Sherman Oaks for $1400, and I have to rent storage from my tools and extra car at $600/month. I don’t pay for water, trash, and hot water or GAS….it’s paid by the owner. No property tax, not maintenance, no gardener….etc…I only have electric bill, at $35-50/m.

    So I Had to get a shark loan at 11% for 2yrs until I was able to refi at 5.25% about 6months ago. Now I net about $4000/month

    If I bought a house in the valley in 2016 or before…. I would be house rich, but cash poor and still be struggling to make house payment every month….. and have no residual monthly income like with the 8 units I have,

    A house $750,000 would cost me about $3000/m payments, $785/m prop taxes, $350/m Power and Water, $50 gas, insurance $100, ++Maintenance $$$??? so Prob around $4,300 per month…and have no cash in my pocket.

    I bought the 8 unit building in 2016 for $490,000. Put $130,000 down and invested $40,000 to renovate it because I knew this would bring me money…but a house would NOT. I refinanced and got $30,000 out and it is now worth $750,000.

    I gained About $230,000 in equity, and I make $4,000 per month. If I bought a house, I would have no money in my pocket, and be forced and stressed out to make $4,300 payment every month, would have to work like a mad man…. I dislocated my shoulder 2 months ago…cant work for about 4-6 month. I would have lost my house, and most of the money I had invested in the house…

    But with the 8 units, I get $4,000 per month even if I don’t work…. it covers my appartment expenses.

    Buying a house is not always the smartest choice…. in my case it’s better to rent, grab my money and invest it…cuz it makes me money while I sleep…. a house does not!… it always says : “gimme gimme”…like buying a boat!

    Think about it!!! (like the kids from Brooklyn would say)

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