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Fake ATM Receipt Generator: Coolest Leykis 101 Website of 2013

You know Your Professor’s ATM receipt trick: find an ATM receipt with the largest balance you can, stuff it in your pocket, and then pull it out and write your phone number on the back of it when you meet …

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Scientific American: Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends”

Once again, scientific evidence that Your Professor was right all along.

From the Scientific American.

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Miley Cyrus’ Risque Bathtub Pics for Fiance Surface Online

We get to see more and more of Miley Cyrus! And now, so do you.


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The Smoking Jacket: Tom Leykis’ 10 Signs a Dude’s Been Pussywhipped

By Professor Tom Leykis to YOU.

From The Smoking Jacket.…

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Would You Fuck ANY Of These Women?

Yes, there’s another new trend to report on: women who don’t want to have sex! They say they’re happyto be virgins! And when you see these women, you’ll wonder whether it was their choice for them not to have …

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The Kind of “Chick” That Makes Us “Sick”

Any time I need to feel even better about myself, all I need to do is to check out the desperate whores you see on your average everyday online dating website. I read them for entertainment only because this is

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The craving for a baby that drives women to the ultimate deception

One of the primary tenets of Leykis 101 has been that women will lie, steal and basically do anything to get pregnant, and to have you on the hook for the attendant costs, not to mention to keep the drama …

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Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt

Many of you fools still believe in love. Silly boys. Your Professor has always told you that most women are whores at heart. Women get the richest guy their looks can attract. Now that times are tough, the true character …

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Women Respect Only One Thing: Assholes

It’s a phrase that is thrown around constantly, especially in Your Professor’s direction: “You have to respect women!” Oh really? What exactly does that even mean?

  • Put up with their shit? You know, like when they say one
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Leave It To Leykis To Blow It Up

TALKERS.com’s Mike Kinosian spent considerable time with Your Professor on the advent of our first anniversary. Here is the result.


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